S305QAL Dust Monitor

New and improved MCERTS/ (TÜV) certified stack monitor for official emissions measurements

The S305QAL stack emissions dust monitor meets the highest European standards as defined in EN14181. The S305QAL is approved for and is suitable for use on waste incineration and all combustion plant applications. The S305QAL1 comes with many key features making it a very reliable, low maintenance, sensitive and robust solution for stack measurements. Certified measuring ranges: 0…7.5 mg/m3, 0…15 mg/m3 and 0…100 mg/m3.


  • Simple one sided installation, just one small process coupling
  • No alignments are required, therefore no measurement accuracy issues due to poor alignment.
  • Easy to commission
  • Local display with status indication
  • Not affected by vibrations
  • Flow velocity compensation 3 – 40 m/s
  • Certified for official regulation monitoring
  • No need for consumable spare parts

Utilizing our proven Inductive Electrification principle, the S305QAL brings the reliability the government requires and combines it with the convenience plant operators expect from a particulate measurement device.

s305qal dust monitor