The DumoPro: Dust Monitoring Solution

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The DumoPro: Dust Monitoring Solution

High dust levels pose risks to both health and safety.

Implementing a dust monitoring system can improve dust levels, catch unwanted dust events, increase the health and safety of employees, and help prevent a dust explosion.

To combat these issues, Arnco Safety has partnered with Sintrol to offer the DumoPro Ambient Air Dust Monitor, an advanced dust monitoring system designed to keep your environment safe and compliant with OSHA regulations. Let’s explore the features, benefits, applications, and industries supported by the DumoPro dust monitor.

Arnco Safety President, Albert Middeke, breaks down the basics of the DumoPro’s capabilities and how the DumoPro helps prevent potential hazards due to dust accumulation in active industrial environments.

(Albert Middeke, Arnco Safety President, talks through the uses of the DumoPro)

How Does the DumPro Work?

The DumoPro dust monitor is a continuous, ambient air dust monitor that provides visibility to dust levels in real time. Utilizing Sintrol’s proven measuring technology, the DumoPro offers 24/7 trend monitoring in key areas of your business, detecting and alarming of dust events.

“It is always better to address an unexpected dust event as soon as possible” -Albert Middeke

The Dumo Pro works by pulling material through the device, and the material interacts with a stainless steel probe in a process called inductive electrification. It sends an electrical signal to the computer system notifying the level of ambient dust.

Set up is easy with a quick auto setup feature that measures dust levels during normal acceptable working environments and then sets alert and alarm levels.   Default settings trigger an alert when dust reaches five times the normal baseline. If it reaches twenty times the baseline normal level it will send an alarm, indicating to the user that there is a dust event.   All settings can be easily modified by the end user.

Let’s look at some specific benefits of DumoPro.

Built-In Benefits of the DumoPro Dust Monitor

  1. Real-time monitoring: The DumoPro continuously monitors the ambient air, providing instant data on dust levels to ensure that your environment remains safe and compliant with OSHA regulations.
  2. Low maintenance: The DumoPro dust monitor requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus on your core operations.
  3. Fast response: The DumoPro reacts quickly to changes in process conditions, allowing you to take action and prevent potential hazards.
  4. User-friendly interface: The intuitive design of the DumoPro makes it easy for Safety and Operations Managers to monitor and manage dust levels.
  5. Highly reliable: Built with Sintrol’s proven measuring technology, the DumoPro offers consistent and accurate dust monitoring.
  6. Certified for Hazardous Locations:  The latest version of the DumoPro, the DumoPro EX is certified for Class 2, Div 1 locations making it fully compliant for installation in dusty hazardous locations.

Applications and Industries Supported by DumoPro Dust Monitor

The DumoPro Ambient Air Dust Monitor is suitable for various industries and applications, including:

  1. Food and beverage processing: Ensuring a clean environment in food and beverage production is crucial to maintaining product quality and safety.
  2. Pulp and Paper: The crafting of paper products generate dust that can put facilities at risk.
  3. Industrial Agriculture: Grain dust is highly combustible, and can cause fires and explosions if the grain dust accumulates on surfaces or creates clouds of dust in the air.
  4. Metalworking and foundries: Metal processing facilities often generate large amounts of dust, which can be harmful to workers and equipment.
  5. Power generation: In power plants, dust accumulation can lead to reduced efficiency and increased risk of fires or explosions.

The Proven Technology to Bring Everyone Home Safely

The DumoPro Ambient Air Dust Monitor by Sintrol, offered by Arnco Safety, is a reliable, user-friendly, and low-maintenance solution for organizations seeking to improve workplace safety and prevent potential hazards due to dust. With its wide range of applications and industries supported, the DumoPro is an invaluable tool for Safety and Operations Managers.

 Contact Arnco Safety experts today to learn how the DumoPro dust monitor will benefit your specific organization and protect your workers. 

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