Rescue Services

About Our Rescue Services

You do not want to wait until your team is trapped or injured in a hazardous situation to begin strategizing a rescue plan. That is why Arnco Safety is your choice for standby rescue services including confined space rescue, hole watch, fire watch, and high-angle rescue. We are here to make sure your team is safe and prepared for the job task.

Our rescue teams are highly skilled and trained in all aspects of confined space rescue, hole watch, and fire watch. This includes rope rescue, high angle rescue, knot tying, and rescue equipment related to rope rescue including our top-of-the-line safety harnesses and tripods. Our team will arrive with all equipment necessary to do the job, and safety equipment is available for rent as needed. Rescue work is highly specialized and proper training and equipment are critical. Let our team become your team, so we can make sure that everyone goes home safely.

Arnco safety rescue drill in brush colorado