Discover How to Develop and Maintain a Successful Safety Program

Arnco Safety Successful Safety Program

Discover How to Develop and Maintain a Successful Safety Program

Every workplace across any industry needs a dedicated safety program in place to protect employees and equipment. These custom safety programs can be developed and maintained in a variety of ways, but there is one key element that is essential for success: extensive safety training for your employees. 

Certified safety trainers offer the critical education and guidance that helps your business create written processes and procedures for best practices, as well as develop custom training programs based on the specific needs of your workplace. Keep your employees and equipment safe through Rescue Services offered by Arnco Safety!

In this blog, we will discuss some key elements you need to consider when developing your safety program.

3 Key Elements of a Successful Safety Program 

Every safety training program should be customized to your unique needs and industry demands. They can vary based on specific workplace procedures or business challenges that the organization is facing. 

Alongside those considerations, Arnco Safety focuses on three key elements of workplace safety that will help ensure success when developing and maintaining a custom safety program. 

SAFETY POLICY: First, you must have a clear and concise safety policy. This policy should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure that it is still relevant and effective. 

SAFETY TRAINING: Second, you must provide employees with adequate safety training on safely performing their jobs. This training should be ongoing and cover all aspects of the job, from basic safety procedures to more specific hazards they may encounter while working. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: Finally, you need to enforce your safety policies consistently. Employees should be held accountable for following the rules, and any violations should be handled swiftly and appropriately. 

Safety Training Services Available from Arnco Safety

In order to properly educate, train and prepare your employees for any and all emergency situations, we offer these safety training services which are customized to fit your organization’s specific needs:

  • Active Shooter
  • Aerial Lift
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Confined Space
  • Custom Training
  • Fall Protection
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Forklift
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Make Rescue Training Part of Your Safety Program

In our experience, employees who are properly educated on rescue training are less likely to be involved in an incident, and are more capable of responding in an emergency situation. When developing a safety program, you need to consider the following factors for a successful program: rescue services, a rescue plan, and confined space rescue. 

  • Rescue services are essential for any workplace that has the potential for hazardous materials or conditions. A well-trained and equipped rescue team can make all the difference in an emergency. 
  • Rescue services should also be familiar with the OSHA compliance and regulations governing confined space rescue operations to ensure that their operations adhere to these regulations. 
  • A rescue plan is another critical element of a successful safety program. A good rescue plan will consider the workplace’s specific hazards, prepare the proper equipment such as Personal Protective Equipment, and detail how best to respond to an emergency situation. 
  • All employees should be properly trained in confined space rescue procedures to know what to do if something goes wrong. 

Your One-Stop Shop for Rescue Training and Services

At Arnco Safety, safety is deeply ingrained in our culture. We believe that, to create and maintain a successful workplace safety program, it’s essential to consider all aspects of safety and put the correct procedures and protocols in place. 

With our core focus on Rescue Services, Training, Safety Equipment, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we have the experience and expertise to help you create a safe space for your employees. 

Contact us to receive the proper workwear, safety equipment, and safety training resources. Let’s work together to build a robust safety program that protects your people and your business!

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