Emergency Action Plan Training

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Emergency Action Plan Training

Security threats come in many forms, but few are as dangerous or chaotic as the possibility of an active shooter incident. Being prepared with an Emergency Action Plan can mean the difference between life and death.

Save Lives with Increased Safety Protocols and Training

No one wants to find themselves in that situation—but everyone should know what to do if an armed intruder attacks your organization. How will people react? Having an answer to that question is vital for every organization, from schools and churches to the office. First responders and security professionals especially should have an understanding of what to do in these challenging scenarios.

A proactive approach starts with an emergency action plan. 

At Arnco Safety, we provide a comprehensive safety training program to assist organizations of all shapes and sizes with developing a proactive attitude towards responding to a serious safety threat. Controlling your reaction in a dangerous moment is not easy—but training for and thinking about the situation can help important reflexes and instincts kick in at the right time. We’ll help you understand:

  • When could this happen to us? 
  • What if this happens to us?
  • Are we prepared and properly trained for this event?
  • Does our company have established safety protocols in place?

What’s Involved in Emergency Planning Training?

Our goal is simple: equip our partner organizations with strategic planning and practical skills to use in the event an intruder breaches the premises. We provide on-site, intruder training for up to 20 individuals at a time based on the FBI’s “Run, Hide, Fight” method.

This method prioritizes evacuating away from the shooter when possible, requiring definite knowledge of emergency exits. When that isn’t possible, we discuss how to hide or conceal oneself and what steps to take to shelter in place as safely as possible during a lockdown procedure. Finally, we discuss the last resort option—taking the fight to the assailant when no other solutions exist.

While discussing these techniques in on-site training, we can provide additional support, including:

  • Development of lockdown procedures to safeguard individuals and groups isolated from the immediate active scene
  • Evacuation training and route planning for groups within the threat area
  • Discussion of preventative steps to stop incidents on-site as soon as possible

Don’t wonder how your organization will respond in a dire event—know that you’ve prepared with a solution for any eventuality. 

Intruder Training That Can Potentially Save Lives

Active shooter incidents can happen anywhere, from supermarkets to schools and even on military bases and industrial sites. Today’s investment in training, planning, and drilling an emergency evacuation routine could be the key to saving lives tomorrow.

Both public and private organizations benefit. High-profile security failures have led to severe incidents. Planning and preparing in advance, especially if you do not already have a well-defined action plan, is vital. Just as you would make an effort to protect staff and the public from disasters such as fire, knowing how to react against an armed intruder is a sensitive yet critical requirement these days.

Emergency Action Planning Available Near Trenton, Illinois

The Arnco Safety Training Center has many in-person training classes available, including a comprehensive Emergency Action Planning class. If you don’t already have an active intruder plan or emergency action plan in place, it’s time to be proactive. Take the first steps towards improving the safety and security of your organization and those under your care today. 

Are you interested in scheduling a class for your team? Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide customized training and develop active shooter protocols for your organization.

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